Stay lit always with these LED bulbs

Stay lit always with these LED bulbs

My idea of happiness is bright. Nothing brightens up my mood more than a well-lit space. And it’s not always that we have the luxury of natural light. But that doesn’t mean your room can’t still be bright. With one switch we can make our homes lighten up like the day and cheer up the atmosphere. The correct lighting is very important for every house. Bright homes are happy homes. Not only that, dull lights can make it difficult to see and read leading up to health problems too. But then there are so many kinds of lighting solutions and bulbs available. But for brightness, durability, reliability and availability my top choice has always been LED bulbs. Hence, I have shortlisted some of the best LED lights that can light up your world like none else!

Keep your rooms well lit with this is a pack of four cool daylight bulbs.

These LED bulbs by Philips are a package of four together. They emit white light. The colour of this bulb is called cool daylight. Each bulb is of 9 watts. These bulbs do not require any special battery to operate. The LED bulbs are an energy-saving model by Philips and hence a viable option. It is made with eye-comfort technology. The bulbs ensure brightness and illumination of the room that you fix it into.

Get uniform light in your room with this pack of four bulbs of glare-free and wider emission.

This pack of four LED bulbs are each of 10 watts. They operate on 100-300 volts. These cool day white bulbs emit white light. The bulbs are efficient and user friendly. They have a 240-degree beam angle technology. This helps in the emission of glare-free light and lights up larger areas. They are easy and hassle-free to install. The bulbs are not made with mercury and hence the disposal after use is also easy and harmless.

This is a single white bulb that operates with an energy-saving feature.

This is an LED bulb of 9 watts. It operates on the voltage of 90- 300 volts. Made of polycarbonate, the bulb is long-lasting and has a life span ranging up to 50,000 hours. It is energy efficient and saves energy up to 70 percentage. It provides an omnidirectional illumination and leaves no corner due to the way its shell cover is designed. This eco-friendly product has no mercury and is easy to dispose of without any harmful aftereffects.

White LED rechargeable bulb for energy saving can be the best lighting solution.

This cool white LED bulb stands out because it is rechargeable. It is a 9 watts bulb. It requires a lower consumption of energy and has an energy-saving feature. It operates on 220-240 volts. The bulb automatically recharges when you use it normally. It takes about 4-6 hours to recharge and has a power back up of up to 2-3 hours. Once the bulb is fully charged, the current intake is stopped to prevent over-charging. This bulb is very efficient and ideal for places where power cuts or load shedding are frequent.

This is like an all in one bulb where you can adjust the watts.

The unique and most useful thing about this bulb is that it is adjustable. The bulb has an option to change the watts as per the requirement. You need to switch it on once to get 15W. Switch off the button and switch on again for 8W. Do the same thing again to reduce to 0.5W. The bulb operates at a voltage of 220-240 volts. It emits bright white light. The bulb is flicker-free and provides instant light without delays. This is a long-lasting and reliable LED light.

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