Not the iron throne, but here’s your perfect chair

Not the iron throne

The humble beginning of the chair dates back to 2800 B.C. when sitting on a chair with backrests and armrests was reserved only for the elite. Thank god that is not the case now. Today, sitting is not a matter of status but rather a matter of comfort and necessity. Typically we end up spending close to 8 hours in sitting in our chairs daily. So that makes choosing the right chair that much more important. So if making the right choice is getting difficult for you, then don’t worry. We just made the task easier for you. 

Da URBAN presents a study chair with a comfortable backrest and armrest. The cushions are covered with leatherette and supported with a steel frame.

If you spend a great deal of time in your study, then this chair will be a perfect choice for you. The supple seat and cushioned backrest will support your back during those endless hours of work. This chair is designed with accurate precision for maximum satisfaction and comfort.

GTB brings you a study chair with a high backrest and side armrests. It’s perched on a metal frame and covered in a quality black net design fabric.

Get busy comfortably in this good looking sturdy chair. The seat offers a cushioned feel, and the high backrest is arched to ensure that you have minimal discomfort when sitting through those crucial and vital hours.

This chair comes with an attached writing table. It has a comfortable black cushion seat and smooth backrest.

When you have to deal with a space crunch, then this study chair will come to your rescue. With an attached writing table, it’s also easy to lug around. And once you are done with your work, fold the chair and free up your space for the next task.

A handcrafted study chair without arms. The purple-brown cushion seat and backrest cover are made from leatherette and supported by a chromium steel frame.

This chair has a simple and elegant appeal that will blend into the design of your study or office room. The backrest will offer support and comfort while you sit easily in the deeply cushioned seat.

RW REST WELL’s study chair comes with a black cushioned seat and backrest. It does not have an armrest and is encased in a black coated metal frame.

This study chair can be a perfect addition to your home, the office or any place where you need to seat yourself. The cushioned seat and backrest will give you solace during extended discussions or self-study.

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