Gorgeous outdoor décor with hanging plants

Gorgeous outdoor décor with hanging plants

Hanging pots are a boon when it comes to making use of vertical space. They not only add an outdoor charm to your place but also make your house look cosy and pretty. They are often used for interior décor but also serve as a graceful addition to your balcony garden. If you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of these suspension marvels, you’ve landed on the right page. Given below are some of the best hanging planters that give your living space the perfect contemporary touch.

Vibrant and colorful hanging pots, to brighten up your space.

Weight and material are two important aspects to keep in mind while purchasing hanging planters since they are to be suspended from a height and stand the risk of snapping. Made of sturdy plastic and strong metal, these lightweight and stable pots meet these criteria very well. Further, their jolly colors add a sense of playfulness to your home’s setting.

When nothing else works, uniformity does and these plant hangers bring that to your garden.

Perfect for a balcony garden, this set of six pots look spectacular when hung in a row. With an appearance similar to that of conventional pots, they maintain a sense of uniformity between the top and bottom layers of your veranda garden.

To get rid of the grim greys with these coloured plant hangers

If you are unhappy about the tacky look the grey metal chains give these otherwise gorgeous pots, this one is for you. Covered in one color from the hook to base, these single hue pots flaunt utmost elegance.

A multipurpose flower vase, it can be used as a showpiece or candle holder as well by either filling it with pretty cobbles or lighting a candle inside it.

This hanging planter is truly one of a kind. Made of a material that resembles glass, shaped in the form of a droplet, this décor item is all you need to spruce up the look of your house.

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