Trendy table cloths to enhance your everyday interiors

If you like your home to be a designer haven, then trendy tablecloths are a must-have. The easiest way to redecorate your home effortlessly every day is with the help of the table covers and they also help set the mood. Feel bright and upbeat with funky, abstract patterned tablecloths or go subtle with pastels. Celebrate the season change with solids and florals or simply add a bit of gold with table covers and step into the festive season. But it can be a tricky task to pick the right collection of tablecloths. So here’s our favourite collection you can choose from.

Let the colourful floral design dominate your table and catch everyone’s attention and appreciation.

This colourfully attractive table cloth is a welcome rush of colour if you feel that you want to move on from a boring and dull décor. The design is HD and is digitally printed and hence the cloth is colourfast. This is a great way to not only amplify your décor but also prevent spoiling of your table due to stains and scratches. It requires no additional care other than a normal machine wash. The cloth adds joy to your overall vibe and is easy to maintain and clean too.

The white net design looks calming and posh on your table and gives a chic vibe.

This is a classic white net cloth that brings elegance solely by its pattern. It is a single colour throughout without any additional pop of shades or print. If you are someone who loves minimal decors and calming colours in your settings then this is the ideal choice. This is a blended cotton net cloth and needs to be hand-washed, however, bleaching and ironing is not needed. This can be used for tables other than dining rooms too, like lobby, lounge, conference rooms etc.

This printed table cover is eye-catching and useful to protect your table from harm and spoilage.

The multi-coloured table cloth is a welcome addition to your centre tables and brings about added colour and energy into the décor. It is a non-woven material and is waterproof. the cover is easily washable and has hassle-free maintenance, which makes having a stain-free table easy and doable. The attractive pattern on the cloth looks best not only indoors but also for an outdoor setting in the sunlight which would further enhance its colours and design.

This lavender cover makes for a good table cloth for not only its design but also its utility and built.

This is a PVC cover with a lavender spread and beautiful white lace around its borders. It is a centre table cover that can be the best fit in living rooms of your homes, offices, farmhouses, guesthouses or lounges. It is waterproof and dustproof and hence acts as good protection for your tables. You can prevent scratches and spillage from liquids or food in your table. The material makes it easy to use, clean and further maintenance.

This vibrant cotton table cover can add the much-needed brightness to any dining room

This 100 per cent cotton table cover will add the much-needed glam factor to any living room. While cotton can be a high maintenance fabric the fabric quality in this one will not disappoint you. The vibrant colour and floral pattern of this table cover are sure to win your heart.

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