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Gone are the days when the only reason to buy a clock was to read the time. Wall clocks have evolved into powerful design statements that add to the overall look and feel of your home. A simple wall clock upgrade can work wonders for your décor. But first, you need to find the perfect decorative wall clock that matches the vibe of the space as well as your personal taste. Given the plethora of variants to choose from, we thought of making your life just a little easier with this comprehensive list of decorative wall clocks.

With a fuss-free colour scheme and three beautifully crafted butterflies, this decorative clock is beautiful as well as compatible with a wide range of finishes.

The black and white 3D wooden wall clock by Sehaz Artworks is an effortless
amalgamation of creativity and simplicity. The elegant design of the butterflies and the hands of
the clock, combined with the wooden finish, make it a brilliant choice to enhance your living
room décor. Sized 25 cm x 25 cm x 2.8 cm, it easily blends into any style of wall décor.

Here is a clock which brings together an ultra-unique design and the exquisiteness of wood. It measures 11.5×11.5 inches in size and is crafted to give a nature enriching vibe to any wall.

This decorative wall clock is indeed one of the most thoughtful and straightforward ways of enhancing the interiors with a touch symbolic of nature. Made of veneer sheets of natural oak and sapele, the high-quality clock is also an effective way to transform any wall into a subtly artistic one. It is meticulously produced with a laser cut finish to give you a flawless and extraordinary piece of practical art.

The deep purple hue and the classic ship steering wheel design work like magic, making it a wall clock which genuinely stands out from the rest. This clock will definitely win the admiration of many.

If you are looking for a wall clock which breathes a streak of excitement and royalty into the wall, then look no more; you have found the perfect match. Sized 12 cm x 1 cm x 15 cm, the eCraftIndia Plastic Decorative Retro Pendulum Wall boasts a fabulous, picture-perfect design and optimum utility. Its fine pendulum sways smoothly, ensuring zero noise. The
sturdy and durable clock surely makes for an exceptional gifting item as well.

Embellished with a lively and colourful design of a peacock, the Dinine craft Wooden Wall Clock is every art enthusiast’s dream come true.

Infused with a pop of colour and a graceful design, this designer wall clock is a lovely treat for the eyes. The dimensions of the clock are 30 x 25 x 3 cm, and it is created using multicoloured digital vinyl print and a high gloss finish. This clock represents a divine form of décor which enchants the viewer with its aesthetic finish.

Our list consists of another wall clock which resembles a ship steering wheel owing to its sheer brilliance and sophisticated design.

Enhance the appeal of your living room with the Mishty Wall Clock. This clock seamlessly blends with a variety of decorating styles, while adding a splash of creative
inspiration to the room’s aura. It’s dimensions measure 30 x 25 x 3 cm, and it comes with a
traditional pendulum.

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