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No matter the gender, age, relationship with the person, this versatile piece of item is the best pick. Be it a family or a solo person, a mug is always useful. You are spoiled for choices when it comes to buying a perfect set of mugs as a gift. Today in the market there is an infinite variety of mugs in terms of designs and prints to quality and sizes, and some are even made to be customized gifts. With all these varieties, do not think twice before gifting a set of mugs to yourself or that friend who just moved into a new home or the distant cousin for his/her promotion. With the variety available in the market, we understand how difficult it is to choose a versatile set that would suit the occasion and the person. Hence we put together a list of 5 sets of 6 mugs that are suitable for most occasions and people. Go on and order your pick.

The mugs made from clay are purely stoneware, made without any toxic chemical use and are lead-free.

B37’s clay mugs are made from natural clay fired to make them strong and safe to use. This set of 6 mugs have a satin finish and a classic colour pairing adds to the beauty of the product. Black on the outside while bright colours on the inside of the cup give them a polished look that is not just perfect to gift but is also cost-effective. The handle is big enough for an adult to comfortable hold the 250ml mug too.

This set of 6 mugs come in a brightly coloured glossy finish that is a great addition to every modern kitchen.

Anwaliya ceramic mugs are a perfect addition to your modern kitchen furniture and can even add a pop of colour to an otherwise dull office desk. These handmade clay mugs are fired on high temperatures to make them strong and safe for use. The brand claims to use clay that is an all-natural toxin and lead-free material. A beautiful set to use for your daily caffeine dose or even for evenings calling a hot cup of cocoa or soup.

A stainless steel mug is a rust-free durable option for longtime use and this particular set comes with a lid!

Pigeon’s coffee mug set has 6 identical stainless steel cups that come with a custom-made lid. The stainless steel makes the mugs durable and naturally rust-free while also keeping your drink hot for a long time. Each mug has a capacity of 180ml. The big mouth and durable material make them easy to clean. However, the handles are a little flimsy, so be careful when using.

These delicate looking cups are sturdy yet have a finesse to them adding an element of luxury to your tea times.

Clay Craft’s bone china cups are 150ml cups that have a better finesse than ceramic mugs but are small in size. These cups are white with an intricate blue coloured print on them adding to their delicate yet premium look. Lead and cadmium free, these cups are chip resistant and microwave safe. They are made with the addition of bone ash, so may not be suitable for all. Otherwise, these are a great addition to your teacup set.

This set of 6 mugs is made from fancily designed glass ranking high in its versatility of use – coffee to beer, take your pick.

Union Juice glass mugs claim to be made in Thailand. These uniquely designed mugs are a versatile set that can be used for any and every type of drink. Be it your morning hot coffee or throw back a glass of chilled beer in the evenings – these glasses are great for all sipping/drinking requirements. Every mug has an approximate capacity of 200ml and is a cool addition to any bachelor’s house.

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