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Dining table covers are undeniably beautiful but maintaining them is extremely difficult. While the cotton table covers look beautiful and feel fabulous, they stain easy and once stained they look equally ugly. Don’t you wish to have a dinner table cover that not only looks amazing but is also easy to manage, or better yet, stain-free? We have selected a range of affordable tablecloths that are not only waterproof but also get stain-free with one wipe. Moreover, you can use these versatile products on tables of any shape and material.

Show off your table design while keeping it clean with CASA furnishing’s transparent PVC table cloth.

If you have an ornate wood dining table but want to protect it from spillage, this table cloth is the one for you. Made of PVC, this simple design tale cloth is durable and easy to clean up any mess. Ideal for regular use if you have children or during parties ideal for rectangular tables and is long-lasting.

Incorporate the intricate, lace-like pattern in your living room with Yellow Weaves Designer centre table cloth.

Does your centre table feel like its missing something? Well, it’s probably a table cloth. This table cloth with intricate floral designs and lace-like ends will add that extra beauty to your centre table and protect it from all the tea and coffee spills. All it needs is a wet cloth to wipe off stains and it will be as good as new.

Line your dining table with this beautifully designed table cloth by Tiollo

Perfect for a 6 seater dining table, it will not move once spread over your table because of its anti-slip design. Using this table cloth will keep your furniture safe from stains and enhance its life. If you are on a budget, this table cloth is value for its money and you will not regret your purchase.

It’s clear with this transparent centre table cover from Kuber Industries.

Made of high-quality PVC, this table cloth is simple and clear. It comes in a large range of colours to match your decor. Don’t worry if you spill water or even oil because you can wipe it all off easily in one go without leaving behind any stains. Protect your furniture with this table.

Mix some lace designs with transparent with this table cloth from Homecrown Designer.

Protect your furniture and give your home an attractive look with this table cloth. The gold lace ends give it an elegant and polished look. Fits beautifully for a 6-8 seater dining table. Turn a good meal into a great meal without worrying about the spills. Use it as a table cloth or table it on picnics.

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