Mirror mirror on the wall

“Mirror, mirror on the wall! Who’s the prettiest of them all?” Life is a fairy tale movie if you want it to be. And mirrors can make everything look beautiful. But choosing a mirror that itself is pretty to look at can be a task. The all-time favourite mirror frame design that works with all kinds of interior decor- modern, or traditional, are the classic floral frames. Wooden or acrylic, gold or pastel, solid colours or abstract prints, floral frames can make everything look desirable and regal. Here, we have listed some mirrors in floral frame design, that looks straight out of a fantastical palace.

A black and white rectangular mirror with a floral outline, this mirror is best for a chic look in the house.

When one says floral, we immediately think of a dash of colour. However, this is a unique floral frame which is simply black and white. The monochrome tone of the mirror is chic and modern. It is made of a Synthetic Fiber Wood Moulding and has an MDF Board as its back support. This makes the product strong and reliable. There are zigzag hooks available at the back of the mirror which gives an option to hang it vertically without any strings.

This hand-carved red mirror frame brings a pop of colour to your room.

This is a mirror with a scarlet frame that catches the eye. The frame is hand-carved in wood. The finishing of the mirror gives it an antique look with a golden undertone to it. The paint is given a distressed look for style and antiquity. The mirror frame is made using the technique of wood scoring and rub through. The built of the frame is strong and long-lasting. The colour and pattern of the frame are vibrant and can change the whole feel of the room.

Beautiful mirror with a metal floral wall art piece as a frame.

The attractive floral frame to this mirror is made of metal and glass. They are large flower petals that have a distressed antique look. The piece has an attached small candle holder to the front. When lit, the light from the candle complements with the look and colour of the frame. The mirror can add value and style to any room that it is hung in. It is a hassle-free task to hang it anywhere. This piece is more suitable for occasions like meditations, therapy, aromatherapy, massages or yoga.

This Blue wooden carved frame that makes for an attractive wall addition.

This mirror has a lovely wooden frame to it. The frame is hand-carved into a beautiful floral pattern. The light blue colour brings a sense of coolness and relaxation to the room. It looks great if you prefer not so loud and non-vibrant colour choices for your décor. It has a hint of an antique feel, however, it is not too in your face, just enough to make it look elegant. The frame is made with the technique of wood scoring and rub through. It looks joyful and heavenly, just like a bright sky right in your room.

This is a rectangular mirror with a golden antique-looking frame.

This mirror is rectangle in shape and has an elaborate frame to it. The frame is golden in colour with a mildly distressed look for style. The frame is crafted ingeniously and carefully using MDF. The frame gives a regal feel to the walls that it hangs one. It brings more value to the room décor without you having to add more accessories in the room. It can be hung in living rooms, bedrooms, dressing rooms, hotels, bathrooms or anywhere else and it will surely look classy.

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