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Looking to recreate a fine dining experience at home? While the food checks out, that’s not all you need to look out for. Picking up the right tablecloth will bring it home. While dining table decor is the most underrated and easily forgotten at homes, it plays an important role when it comes to bringing the family together for a fulfilling dining experience. However good the food might taste, it’s the decor that invites you for a sit-down meal. As they say, if it’s not appeasing, it’s not appetizing. Pastel shades or bright colours, solid colours or play of prints, full table clothes or just some table runners, here is a gorgeous collection of tablecloths to choose from.

The transparent gold table cover is stylish and high-quality protection for your tables.

This is a classic transparent cover laced with a golden border that is a style statement to amplify regular furniture. It fits like a beautiful spread on your 6-seater table. The cover provides proper protection from any unfortunate and accidental spills and splashes during meals or otherwise. The PVC material is waterproof and dustproof. It is very easy to maintain and hence is long-lasting and also durable in the longer run. There is no hassle to clean or maintain.

This is an all-round designer set that completes all your dining décor needs.

This is a high-quality set that is like a one-stop solution for all dining covers. This set comes with a table cover, table runner, placemats and napkins. So, you do not have to worry about searching for napkins and mats that match your table cover. You can lay your hands on them at one place. The colours and design make it unique and attractive on your table. The material is cotton. Hence you can wash it by hand or just place them in the machine for a quick wash.

Grace your tables with a bright blue cover and brighten your rooms too.

This is pure cotton material and it is ideal for you if you dislike plastic or PVC covers for your homes. The cloth is endowed with an attractive block print. Such a pattern brings a vibe that is a blend of traditional yet contemporary. The material makes it easy to care of and maintain. In order to clean it, you just need to gently wash it. The cloth looks beautiful in bright settings and vibrant decors and brings more joy to the room.

This cloth is a contemporary design that adds value to how your table looks.

A lovely bronze cover with floral designs, does it get better? A beautiful piece that is modern and classy. It is a polyester cloth made with a designer net. The care requires nothing but a simple hand wash. You will not need to bleach, tumble dry or iron the cover. This cover looks pretty for dining room tables but can also be used for outdoor settings in your backyard, porch or picnic tables as the floral with complement with the feel of nature.

You cannot go wrong with this subtle and yet classic table cover design.

This classic table cover is elegant and chic and suitable for you with all kinds of interiors and themes. This works well if you want a cover more for protection of your table than style. This cover ensures protection from spills and mishaps and also does not take away the limelight from your table’s built. The whole cover is transparent with stylish golden lace for borders. The PVC cover is easy to clean and maintain, which is also an added advantage.

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