Gorgeous dinner sets to add to your stunning collection of crockery

Everyone wants to be a perfect host but it ain’t easy. There is so much that needs to be checked off that to-do list. As a host, you have to think of not just the perfect menu, but the decor, the table setting, the music and most importantly the dinnerware to bring it home with. A beautiful dinner set is a must-have for every party. Laying out the table with the right cutlery is like the grand finale of the event. But it is not easy to choose the right type of dinnerware, one that’s classy, celebratory and matches your style. Here’s serving you some of our favourite picks.

Simply designed, this charming white lightweight dinner set caters to your needs.

You can never go wrong with a simple yet classic dining set. Cello’s 18 piece dinner set is just that. Ingrained with versatility, the plates and bowls are microwave and dishwasher friendly. Even though made of glass, there is little to no risk of breakage as it is 3 times stronger. White in colour, embroidered with little purple flowers in the corner of the plates and bowls is ideal for a mini-house party. Pair it with your choice of cutlery, et voila, your party is ready to go!

A 19 piece dinner set, made with quality opal ware might just be the one for you.

This dazzling white set with a hint of hues of blue will add just a little charisma to your dinner party. This set consists of 19 pieces, including a multipurpose bowl and plates. Lightweight and very safe to use, Borosil’s dinner set will leave your guests impressed and you satisfied. Not at all brittle, the opal ware used here is scratch and crack resistant. The high quality of the opal ware guarantees that this set can be used in a day to day basis and not only special occasions. A worthy addition to your crockery, this set will last you long.

An all-encompassing set, available in different colours makes for a worthy addition.

Consisting of a serving plate, two serving bowls and a salt and pepper shaker beside the usual plates and quarter plates, LaOpala’s 23 piece dinner set has got you covered to have your friends or family over. Little branches of lavender are painted on the set, an elegant yet minimal design. Sleek and lightweight, this set is strong at the same time. Microwave safe, this set is available in 3 different colours. Choose one that you like the best!

Decorated with a blue floral design, a fully recyclable and microwave safe set.

Serve to impress with Cello’s 33 piece dinner set. With a variety of utensils included in this set, you can lay the table beautifully. From soup bowls to spoons to oval plates, this set is one of a kind. Made with the most advanced German technology, like the others, this is scratch resistant as well. It will also not break easily and is fully recyclable. A little on the pricier side, the intricately painted floral design, definitely makes it worth it.

With a tinge of red, this dinner set is ideal for your family dinners.

Perfect for a celebratory family dinner, this set consists of everything in fours. Designed with a pop of red on the brink on the otherwise white set. Extremely lightweight, this set is BPA free, ensuring safety. Made with porcelain, there is no risk of breakage, making it highly durable. Moreover, it can be used in multiple ways, use it to bake, to heat in the microwave or simply use it to store food in the fridge.

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