Drizzle in style with these oil and vinegar dispensers

When cooking with multiple ingredients and sauces some that remain constant is oil and vinegar. But a big challenge is when you are pouring oil and vinegar it spills on the sides and creates a mess. There is no avoiding oil or vinegar as the basic cooking skills, sautéing, roasting, frying involve the use of oil, and the added flavour comes in with the vinegar. To use these ingredients in a carefree manner while avoiding spillages, splattering or over-pouring you should try out these dispensers. Without waiting any further you should add these oil and vinegar dispensers to your kitchenware. Take a look at our top suggestions.

A distinctively shaped bottle is made with top-quality glassware with superior resistance.

Ideal size and a modern design, P-Plus International’s dispensers are perfect for everyday use at home. Equipped with a special nozzle technology with a stunning black finish, the cruet makes pouring extremely convenient. Comes in the set of two, one for oil and one for vinegar, the product is made with the highest quality of glass that is resistant to breakage, ensuring high durability of the product. Tremendously easy to clean and re-fill, this dispenser is eco-friendly as well.

Intended to help the users, it is specifically designed with an exceptional nozzle with great capacity.

A fully-transparent bottle, Generic’s oil dispensers come in a set of 2. With a capacity of half a litre, it makes it a good size. The larger size of the dispenser makes certain of lesser re-fills and ease of cleaning. The smartness in the design is commendable. The nozzle is made of stainless steel and special rubber cork. Go on, whip out a pan, kadhai or a wok, there is no chance of spillage!

Freezer safe, microwave safe and leak-proof, you can store any condiment or sauce you wish to.

One of the distinctive products from the dispensers on this list, Femora Borosilicate’s oil and vinegar dispenser is utterly one of its kind. The bottle, designed in a unique shape, comes with a handle and the body is almost similar to that of a jug. The handle makes it pouring and using the dispenser extremely easy. There are no complicated nozzles involved, simply detach the lid to refill and clean. With no risk of oil spillage, you can go on with your cooking without any worries!

Designed with a BPA free glass, this is a valuable addition to your kitchenware.

Don’t you hate it when you accidentally spill more oil than you require? Now, no more! Baskety’s oil dispenser that there will no such accidents. A square-shaped bottle with a capacity of half a litre, it is very safe. Made with BPA-free glass, it is strong and resistant to any kind of breakage. Moreover, this product is available in different sizes, so you can choose the size that is best suitable for you.

Excellent addition to your kitchen design, this dispenser comes in a set of 2 and is a made of out of clear glass making it easy to see the sauces.

Add this to the centre of your dining table, your kitchen shelf or your pantry, Homies International’s dispenser is a not only useful but elegant addition to the overall ambience. Pour easily through the plastic top, the economic yet modern design is easy to use. The unique bottom and high-quality glass are long-lasting. Grease your pan by simply pouring in the liquid of your choice, and there, you are ready to go without any mishaps!

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