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Chopping vegetables take up most of the time while cooking and same is the case with fruits. Sometimes we cannot get the desired precision with knives and cutting boards, thus choppers are the ideal solution. With razor-sharp blades and containers to collect after cutting make them not only easy to use but also time-saving and are more practical to use. So it’s smart to get yourself one today.

The chopper has an anti-skid base giving more control as well as making it easy to be used on glass tops, granites and more.

The Solimo compact vegetable chopper is made from high quality 100% food-grade Plastic that is BPA free. The spring action mechanism in the product makes it easy to pull and requires low maintenance. The dimensions of the chopper are 12.5 (Dia) X 9 (Height) cm and Blades measuring 4.31X1. The chopper has 3 sharp stainless steel blades that precisely cut various ingredients like onions, garlic, tomatoes, vegetables, salads, herbs, fruits, boneless meat, nuts and more. The number of pulls would decide the size of the cuts, i.e. fewer pulls would cut the vegetables and fruits in a bigger size and many would cut them smaller and finer. The container has a capacity of 350 ml. The base of the product is anti-skid which gives more cutting while pulling. The chopper also comes with a locking mechanism to prevent any spillage of contents. It is very easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

This vegetable chopper has an eco-friendly design, is very easy to use and handle.

The Pigeon handy mini plastic chopper would be a great addition to your kitchen. The product is made from unbreakable ABS plastic that is long-lasting. The 3 blades are sturdy and made from stainless steel. The chopper uses a string function to control the size of chopping. It is extremely to use and handle. It is recommended to clean using lukewarm water, mild detergent and a soft cloth. The product also comes with a 30-day manufacture warranty.

This vegetable and fruit chopper is essential in the kitchen. It makes precise and even slices within no time.

This premium dicer and slicer is the easiest to work with. The product is moulded using high-quality ABS plastic, thus making it lightweight and travel friendly as well as durable. The sturdy steel blades work precisely for the sharpest and quickest slice and chop. With over 11 different blades styles you can never need any other chopper. From onions to zucchini, you can cut, slice and chop a lot of versatile vegetables fruits and herbs. The product is easy to clean. Due to the container, it is also hygienic and can also act as a storage box while travelling.

The big handle on the container makes it easy for the user to pull. It also adds extra control during use.

The Ganesh vegetable and fruit cutter has a sleek design that does not compromise on function. This stylish looking chopper is made from good quality plastic and has high quality stainless steel blades. With a non-skid base and a big handle to pull, this chopper is one of the easiest and highly efficient choppers. The product can cut over 380 knife cuts in less than 20 seconds. The chopper is sturdy and easy to store.

The chopper can also double up as a storage container compatible with refrigerators.

The Smile Mom jumbo vegetable cutter is one of the most practical cutters in the market. With storage of 900 ml, the chopper can hold a lot of product. The powerful sharp blades further make the job easier. The chopper comes with 5 different styles of blades that are set in the centre. The lock helps in preventing any spillage. The blade, bowl and storage lid are dishwasher safe. The easy assembly and disassembly make the product extremely easy to clean and store.

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