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Cooking is an integral part of everyone’s life. Whether you experiment with your culinary skills every day or cook once in a blue moon, everyone has cooked or attempted to cook at least once in their life. Regardless of if you cook regularly or not, sometimes making the delicacies can be very time-consuming and tedious, especially on a gas stove. However, induction cooktops have gained popularity in recent years. Cooking on induction cooktops is extremely time-saving, you can whip out dishes left, right and centre. Moreover, it is extremely energy efficient and requires no setup. You simply plug it in, et voila, you are good to go. While using a gas stove is the traditional and trusted way of cooking, induction cooktops are no further behind. Here are a few cooktops to help you cook fast.

Kent’s induction cooktop is highly energy-efficient and extremely easy to clean.

Cooking in the mornings is hectic and an opportunity for mishaps waiting to happen. But don’t worry, Kent has got you covered. It features 8 pre-set menu buttons, all you have to do is punch the one you want, and the cooktop automatically adjusts the temperature according to your desires. When in a hurry, simply switch to turbo cooking for faster cooking. There is no risk of over-heating as Kent’s induction cooktop automatically shuts off when it senses any kind of overheating. So, go on, race against time because cooking couldn’t be any easier.

Featuring 11 pre-set buttons with auto on/off buttons and turbo cooking, this induction cooktop has got your back.

Apart from being super easy to use, induction cooktops add a certain class and appeal to the kitchen. Wonderchef’s power induction is no less. The smooth yet efficient design will set your kitchen apart from the others. Equipped with 11 pre-set functions customised for Indian cooking, you can also adjust the temperature controls manually to cater to what you need. Coated with an advance dual-layer coil for better heat dissipation, Wonderchef’s cooktop is long-lasting and ideal for small families.

Featuring a 7 segment LED display and protection against short circuits, this cooktop might just be the one for you.

Common misconceptions of induction cooktops is that they will drain too much energy. However, it is exactly the opposite. Pigeon’s induction cooktop is designed to fight any risk of short circuits. Not only is it armed with high-grade electrical but also the top plate of the cooktop can very efficiently handle high temperatures. There is no need to monitor the temperature constantly, as it is equipped with a smart timer for when you are multitasking. No confusion while reading the buttons, as it features a 7-segment LED display for temperature control to help you distinguish buttons from each other easily.

Comes with customised Indian meals buttons along with a plethora of safety features.

Cooking with flame is an open door to disasters, especially for the ones who aren’t accustomed to cooking on the stove. Induction cooktops save you from that. Philips’ Viva Collection is designed to help you cook conveniently and safely. While most cooktops’ surface heats up while cooking, Philips’ features a unique design with cool to touch surface. Its compact yet modern appeal makes it easy to fit into your overall kitchen ambience. When there is lack of space, this induction cooktop, well, fits just right in!

Equipped with a special LED display and wide voltage, this cooktop is no less of a contender than the others.

One of the advantages of induction cooktops is that they are highly adaptable to any environment. iBELL’s product is no less. This induction cooktop is assembled with several features. Made with high-quality crystal glass, it comes along with an LED display and super-wide voltage. The temperatures can easily be adjusted manually and it by design shuts off in case of overheating. Hence go on, fry, or roast, the choice is yours.

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