Best water purifiers for safe drinking water

Your most basic need for survival, water can actually end up being quite contaminated. And there is no way you should risk drinking impure water. One of the best ways to get clean drinking water is to get water purifiers at home. The water which comes into your house contains many contaminants which cannot be removed by normal filtration. To make your drinking water safe, you can use RO purification technology. RO water purifiers consist of multistage filters which include 2 carbon filters and 1 semipermeable RO membrane. Each of these stages is designed to remove specific contaminants from the water to make it safe for drinking. So get your water purifier today.

This 10-litre wall mountable water purifier will ensure that you have safe drinking water at home.

This water purifier is one of best you can get and you also get free installation with this water purifier. The technology purifies by passing 100% water through the RO membrane and double purified by SCMT.

This RO membrane water purifier with Bio alkaline filter and UV technology is state of the art.

This water purifier can purify water input up to 3000 TDS. The pack comes with a free pre-filter and installation tool kit. With this water purifier, you and your family can have safe drinking water at all times.

This Ro water purifier comes with UV filtration and TDS controller.

This economical model has a multistage purification process which gives 100% pure water. You can rest assured that no waterborne disease will be bothering you. Also the water tastes very good.

This 8-Litres wall-mountable water purifier is compact and can fit even small spaces.

With an 8-litre water tank and 60 W power consumption, this water purifier is a great option. It can be easily installed even in a small space of the cabinet. The price also includes free installation.

This water purifier is multi-stage which ensures that water is filtered and purified at multiple levels.

This water purifier has a multi-stage purification process which includes RO, UV, UF and MTDS. It ensures you get safe drinking water at many levels. It has stylish LED indicators for purification, tank full and power-on status.

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